Friday, 10 May 2013

winging it

Having picked up a couple of TIE interceptors at salute, i was in the market for some TIE fighters and the x-wing dice. as the combined price for 2 fighters and dice blister was pushing £30 (if you can even find them!), i figured i might as well pick up the starter for £24 and get all that and more.

Toddled along to tabletop Tuesday just gone, got the starter (i was hoping to get more expansions but theyre literally 100% sold out of everything except the starters and big ships)

cracked my starter and borrowed a 3rd interceptor to get a 100 point game in (forgot to photo it, sorry). Lost an interceptor early to a Wedge cluster missile volley, tre nasty. Managed to down a Y-wing but couldnt finish off the other a-wing or x-wing before they did for me. They both lost their shields and took a hit though.

Thoughts and musings so far:
I like that, despite only having played roughly 3 games (2 games and 2 kinda half games), i feel like i know how to play the game. id be quite happy sitting down teaching someone else the ropes already. and ive not even read the rulebook yet. I cant think of many games you can say that about.

Being a staunch Imperialist, i tend to have more ships in the air than the rebels do. As such, im currently really struggling to stop my ships humping each other in conga lines, mucking up my plans and preventing them using their actions. purely a case of the learning curve being slightly higher for Imperials i think.

Looking forward to playing it again soon though.

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