Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Just a quick one today to put up a picture of the amazing cosmetic altering powers of Dip (no not crisp enhancing sauces, Army Painter miniature shading solution). I know most people are probably already converts but just in case I thought this photo might help convince others to give it a go:

Yes I've put them the wrong way round for a before and after shot!
As you can see the models were only base coated in simple block colours apart from the blue lens/gems and they look seriously bad. Then one quick trip to dip town and they look pretty boss for the amount of time it took to paint them. It does take a little experimentation and care to fully remove the excess and it takes about 24 hrs to fully dry (and man does it smell), but I'd still be painting the guard army without it as it 's also a varnish meaning all these lovely metal models don't chip anywhere nearly as much as normal.

It can also be painted over afterwards to achieve more dramatic highlighting effects (see Lee's daemons for a great use of this technique) and the Army builder stuff alone comes in three tones so with some experimentation you can get a variety of outcomes on the same base colours.

Now just need to base them and my Guard will finally be WYSIWYG for 6th Ed!


  1. Yes indeed my guard started of as a block colour followed by dip too. It just depends how much detail you wish to add after!
    I must say the duribility of the paint is enhanced ten fold too!

  2. I do have a pot of dip sitting on my shelf that ive never tried out, but i honestly dont think it would work for any of my colour schemes now.
    Might have got away with it on my old dark eldar scheme, but ive ditched that for a red and yellow ditty. Would a light tone dip work over red?