Monday, 13 May 2013

trying to motivate

Got twentyish emperors children marines on my paint station queue at the moment, not having too much bother getting the base coating done, really struggling to get motivated to do the finicky gold bits however.
Anyone got any motivational tips for when theyre struggling with some detail work?


  1. Get a good audio book or episode of the D6G to help distract you form the pain. I find breaking it up into small batches or stages helps me feel I'm making progress.

    1. might try D6G, i do feel i need something i can listen to. telly often ends up a distraction.
      I did break the batch down to fives, but even then im struggling. maybe try threes.
      its only really the gold edging thats the problem, its weird. once ive done that im away again.

    2. I can't paint for more than 2 hours before I become restless and begin rushing the job and then get frustrated that it isn't as good as I wanted. Listening to podcasts also allows me to lower my tolerance for bad shows as I'm only half paying atyention.