Saturday, 7 December 2013

Filling Battlefoam!

I love and hate Black Friday as it brings Battlefoam's 25% discount weekend and I just can't resist getting something. So what did I pick up this year?

I recieved my Black Friday battlefoam yesterday to store my Descent components. And despite it being designed for the first edition main box set after a few hours of fiddling I managed in everything from the secind edition box and all the models from the previous expansions. These foams were created as part of Battlefoam's foam creation competition from a few years ago.
Notice that the designer of the foam made the card slots big enough to accommodate sleeved cards!
I had to double up quite a few (almost all in fact) of the slots and use the bat spaces for the horde creatures.
Only two board spaces won't fit in completely but they do sit on top without any problems (plus the mini cards fit perfectly)
The real winner is the large monster tray as with only a small amount of rearranging fits tons of fun.

If I wish to paint the models I will need to create many new trays to hold each model individually but for now all I'll need is a couple of extras to account for the 2nd Edition expansions when I get them and to help spread out they models to make them easier to identify in the tray. 

It comes to around 9" meaning I'll need to put it in a 720 bag and add 3" of foam but if I already know what the mission is then I could probably fit it into a smaller case. 

3.5/5 Daves - It's a great product that will help loads but it could have been updated for the new edition, could do with some extra trays for the new models and costs a pretty penny. 

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