Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Building beasts of Nurgle.

So I finally got around to putting together the beast of Nurgle models I bought from Titan Forge at Essen so I thought I do a quick review, but how well will they compare to the GW kits?

First up I got these at a great price thanks to the sunday discount on the last day of the Convention so as far as value for money goes I can't really give a fair opinion as I'm two thumbs up for cost.

As you can see once they are together they look pretty impressive and that's the rub, they are a bitch to put together. They come with no instructions and no obvious way for them to go together, such as shaped plugs. Add to this that fact that the company do you the favour of selling them sans-sprue and you have to spend some time researching which parts are supposed to go with which.

The material is a little more restic than resin but more like Forgeworld than Mantic. Cleans and cuts pretty easily making the required adjustments easy once you know what you are doing. 

The only other issue I found was that the bases they come with (scenic square bases) are actually needed to stop them leaning over too far (something I didn't realise until too late). 

Overall I really like the models and although they need a bit of green stuffing to fix some of my adjustments I'm looking forward to painting them as they are going to be an experiment in using white and washes or dipping!

3/5 Daves - too much skill required to put these little blighters together but worth the effort.

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