Monday, 2 December 2013

Sorting out E.L.F's doubles event

A quick post to let people know the details for next years Doubles event.

Warhammer World Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd February 

Entry £15 

Horus Heresy theme 

Randomly selected Doubles each round, 5 rounds (3 Saturday, 2 Sunday) 

Army selection

Players must select one 800 pt army with the following restrictions: 
- Players  may select up to 1 HQ, 2 Troops, 1 Elites, 1 Fast Attack and 1 Heavy Support units. Note there is no minimum unit requirements. 
- Players may not take any Fortifications and may not take any Allies. 
- Players may use any of the published Codices and the Legion Army lists form the Horus Heresy Forgeworld books
- No Lords of War units may be taken

- No units or models with the Unique unit type may be taken

In addition players will need to bring a fortification worn up to 75 pts for use in some of he games. 

I'll be sending out the full pack asap but missions won't be given out until the weekend of the event. I thought people might like a heads up with only three months to go.


  1. Looking forward to it. Got it booked off already :)

  2. Will's list:
    Space Wolves - 800

    Wolfpriest(100) jump pack(20) melta bombs(5)

    10 grey hunters(150) 2 plasma guns(10) power axe(15)
    = 175

    10 grey hunters(150) 2 plasma guns(10) power axe(15)
    = 175

    10 skyclaws(180) flamer(5) powerfist(25)
    = 210

    Long fang leader and 4 long fangs(75) 4 missile launchers(40)

  3. Woop! Looking forward to this.
    Im gonna find it tough to decide on an 800 point list though, i sat and worked out a few already. I would like to squeeze my conversion beamer contemptor in, but that sod is about 210 points, takes a fair chunk out!
    Though i guess being able to field 20 tac marines for 250 points helps :P

    I might put up my choices of list so far in a separate post.

  4. You can afford to splurge a bit with the benefit of another players force attached to your own. My list is going to be:
    Great Unclean One, mastery 3, 2 Greater Rewards
    Two units of 15 Plaguebearers
    Three Beasts of Nurgle
    Three Plaguedrones

  5. My initial idea for a list was this hold the line!/we keep what we have type thing:

    Legion Centurion with Charnabal Sabre - 60

    20 man legion tactical squad, sergeant has a combe plasma - 260

    5 man legion tactical support squad with flamers - 100

    5 man legion heavy support squad with missile launchers - 160

    legion contemptor with plasma cannon and heavy conversion beamer - 220

    800 points on the nose.

    It felt a little bit naughty fielding 5 missile launchers. But wills fielding 4, so i felt i should go one better!

    And at least it isnt a ten man squad.

  6. Finally settled on my list;

    Centurion - master of signals
    Tactical marines (20)
    Heavy support squad (10) - missile launchers
    rapier Weapons platforms (3) - quad launchers

    800 dead