Saturday, 7 December 2013

Playing 40k!

Rob popped over for a game of 40k and as we haven't played in a while it was nice to take to dust off the Guard and see if I can still roll an outrageous amount of Carapace saves for my Guardsmen. So who will take the midweek 40k crown, Guard or Orks?

So a quick intro then on to the images. It was 1500 points. Rob can put up his exact list but it was mainly units of Trukk boys and Nobs with artillery and Loota back up (throw in a unit of killer Kans, Plane and HQs and your there). My Guard is the same as I've been using for a while: Psyker, Ogryns, Veterans in Carapace and some vehicular support (can't leave out the Vendetta!). 

Missions was the Emperors Draw (2 objectives) so we knew it would come down to the wire. We had diagonal setup which made it interesting. Guard set up first and Rob didn't seize.

I chose the deployment zone with the fortifications, for theme and survivability.

The Orks decided to rush their right flank and leave no troops units on their objective, they didn't want prisoners.
I have a new found respect for Grotzookas

End of turn one and you can just see the Ork Warboss on bike sneaking around the bottom of the closest Bastion.

Shiw time for the Ogryns as they capitalise on the destruction of half of the trukks (how do they have 3 Hull points each)
Guess what Rob needed to keep his Weirdboy and Nob from being breaking from combat?
Dakka jet (top right) with a Waaagghh meets Vets on an objective (bottom left) if they hadn't gone to ground they would have been wiped out
Then the Kans came in and there were a few challenges to avoid being squished
The Nobs fail a charge even with Fleet. If you hit with all the shots from a Vets unit with three meltas you expect to  kill at least three two wound Nobs... I failed very single too wound roll!
He held them up for three rounds of combat through challenges and crazy 5+ Inv saves!
As they failed so spectacularly I didn't weep for the demise of the Melta Vets. The burnt hand teaches best.
Conscripts, what are they good for? Oh that's right outflanking!
Rob Begins to eliminate unit after unit.
With the Artillery dead it was now a firefight between the Conscripts and Lootas for control of the objective
Weirdly neither flyer shot at each other as the infantry units were the ones deciding the outcome of the game
The Orks move in and wipe out the Russ and all the Vets units. But wait who is hiding in the bottom right hand corner of the image?
That's right Marbo swoops in and over two rounds of combat (plus some help form the Griffon) kills off the Orks on the objective
having just survived the fight with the lootaz the only choice left was to go to ground and hope the Dakka Jet missed enough... one Conscript survived! 
Turn 6 and the game ended

The final score was rather flatteringly 6-1 to me as I got all three Secondary Objectives (though it would have been two one if the last conscript had died). Rob made one real error which was to expose his Warboss a turn too early as I could take it out too easily with with shooting but if it had got into my lines I would have been done for. The luck balanced out pretty much and there wasn't much left of either force. It was a few fun game, even when you take into account that I arse nudged a pint of Pepsi all over dead models (luckily it only consisted of two at the time but the clear up took a while).


  1. photo-tastic!
    Definitely looked bloody.

    I was inspired enough by our trip to WHWorld to get a game in saturday aswell.
    Eldar Vs Grey Knights, it started off looking like it was going to be one of those games that was over by turn 3 in favour of the eldar but it turned out quite an even and bloody battle in the end.
    I won by a single point, which was for linebreaker.
    The unit that got me linebreaker?
    The 1 surviving swooping hawk guy.

    Aw yeah.

    The anticlimax of the day though was charging a Dreadknight with a Wraithknight for some hot knight-on-knight action, only for the Dreadknight to rip the ghost walker to shreds in a single round. Only taking 1 wound in return.
    Wasnt pretty.
    He ate an instant death 6 to wound from a wraithcannon next turn though. First time ive seen that happen and it couldnt hardly have been on a better target! To the warp with you!!
    How we laughed,

    1. I like to keep a detailed visual record to help me remember how things happened! If only 40k didn't have so many extra rules that slow the game down.

    2. I keep meaning to do the same but usually forget after we've started turn 1. I have even considered trying to take video, not of the whole match, just turn recaps.

    3. In which case I throw down the guanlet and challange you to a 40k dual sir, where we shall indeed video the event to show just who has the worst dice rolls!

    4. Shall we say 1500 points at CrimboCon?

    5. i was thinking about hopping on the train to crimbocon actually,. if i do im not sure i fancy lugging my big case.
      I could just play space marines though i suppose.
      Any chance youve got a day during the first week of the xmas hols free, i could pop to yours? (other than xmas day or boxing day. obv)