Friday, 3 January 2014

Working out kill teams...

Following the discussion almost into the wee small hours last night, my mind was a buzz with ideas for kill teams. I didnt, however, sit and make lists when i got in. It was getting on for half 1 in the morning and i had to be up for work today.
However, now im up and about im looking into various interesting lists for the different codexes i've got.

I'll get to the space marine ones later, but the two books that piqued my interest the most were both flavours of Eldar, the craftworld and their dark kin.
As a note, i did think of a few more quite dirty units to try out, but due to the general consensus we kind of reached last night about no vehicles, ive refrained from including those. (that might be a follow up post)

I'll kick off with a few doozys i thought up for the craftworld Eldar first


5 Striking scorpions
-Exarch upgrade
--Exarch has chainsabres upgrade

5 warp spiders

-200 points exactly.

Mobility extreme!
My original idea was swooping hawks rather than warp spiders, 5 individual swooping hawks jumping away and landing again dropping a small blast each every turn would be a pain in the bum. Sadly they probably thought of that and the rules dont allow units to start or enter reservers unless they outflank.
So warp spiders it is!

5 individual scorpions infiltrating across the board and 5 warp spiders jumping all over the place causing havok.

Obvious Ghost Warriors List is Obvious
6 regular Wraithguard.

Yup, its not big, its not clever. But would be quite frightening.
(well, i guess it is kinda big.)

Troops, isnt it.
15 Dire avengers.
Again, not particularly clever, but it did occur to me that Eldar battle focus could be quite big game in kill team, allowing units to move out of cover, shoot away with their catapults then run back out of line of sight (hopefully).

6 Guardian Jetbikes with 2 shuriken cannons
3 Shining Spears

I actually think a combination of those last two could be rather good.
I think you can keep the guardian jetbike squad as is and swap the shining spears for 6 dire avengers.

On to the Dark Eldar.
These seem a bit more awkward as, to be honest, i think your options with them are a bit limited without vehicles due to them generally being more fragile than regular Eldar and not having as many deployment options (unless you actually want to field mandrakes...)
Though Scourges might actually be worth looking at for once!

Big man, Little man
3 Grotesques with 1 liquifier gun
5 Hellions

Youve got the big tough Grotesques and the nimble speed of the hellions.
The problem being, without an independent character the grotesques have to roll a d6 at the start of every turn and on a 1 they explode. Seeing as theyre also 3 separate units, i guess youd have to test them each individually. Eek! And theyre only Ld3
Probably avoid grotesques to be honest.

Trueborn +1-V1.0
Im thinking trueborn are probably going to be the basis for any dark eldar list due to the sheer amount of weapon options they have and their base unit size of 3 keeping them pretty darn cheap.
So heres my first trueborn + 1 other unit list

3 Trueborn
1 splinter cannon
Dracon with a splinter pistol and venom blade

5 Scourges
1 splinter cannon
1 dark lance

That seems pretty darn good, scourges with their jump infantry and assault 3 splinter weapons as standard seem like a unit made for this format, throw in the 2 special/heavy weapons at 5 men and youre laughing.

Trueborn +1 -V2.0
3 Trueborn
1 splinter cannon
1 dark lance
Dracon with a splinter pistol and venom blade

3 Reaver Jetbikes
1 Champion with Venom Blade
1 Heat Lance
1 Cluster Caltrops

I quite like the idea of the reavers, of course they can only do their flyby on one model each per turn, but they move so far when they do it they should be quite hard to pin down.

I have also looked at a few lists with Incubi, theyre also definitely an option due to their unit size also starting at 3 and although they may not have a delivery system without a vehicle, they do have 3+ armour. I think thats enough lists to digest for the time being though!

I might pop back with some marine lists later.

If im feeling super cheeky, i might even post up so Heresy Legion killteams!

Have you guys had any units that seem to just be screaming out for a killteam list to be built around them?
(I have to admit, its not my codex, but Tau battlesuits seemed to me an obvious choice at first thought)


  1. The list I wanted to put together for modelling reasons is:
    5 Sternguard, one Heavy Flamer (Preferred Enemy, Poisoned, Ignores cover)
    Sanguinary Priest with Power Axe (Leader)

    As befits a Blood Angel list it's small and elite but by keeping near to the Priest they'll all get Feel No Pain.

    The Guard lists are:
    10 Penal Legionnaires
    5 Ratlings
    2 Sentinels with Multi-lazers
    5 Rough Riders, Power Axe, 2 Plasma guns
    5 Storm troopers, Power Axe, Melta gun

    Haven't worked out what the skills would be but I like the Rough Rider one as I could use models from other ranges that I've liked for a while.

    I have the following models so thought I could use them:
    5 Dire Avengers
    5 Fire Dragons, Exarch with Fire Pike
    Very short ranged but would be fun to use the battle focus to nip in and melt people!

  2. I think you should feel free to add vehicles if you want to. I just thought if you were trying to encourage beginners to play you would want to avoid them. Also for me something like a raider or a raveger doesn't work with the theme of kill team for me.

    The list I was looking at was for chaos marines and would be:

    5 chosen with mark of nurgle auto cannon plasma combi and bolter combi
    2 spawn with mark of nurgle

    The idea would be you have a tough fire base and the t6 spawn can chase down anything saucey. Really liked the warp spider list above as have wanted to have some of them for ages but didn't want to do Eldar.

  3. Id be curious to try it out with vehicles, but i do think theyve got the most potential to unbalance it.

    The two lists im most interested in trying are the ones i posted, the scorpions and spiders list and, curiously, the scourges and trueborn list.

    1. Ooh, and ive just realised you can make an awesome list name, EldArachnids!!!