Sunday, 19 January 2014

Time for some Nid lists!

Time for some Nid lists

We've had the new nid codex for over a week now so i thought i would post the list im going to run initially and wanted to hear what lists others have come up with/tried.

What im thinking is;
Tyrant (Wings tiwn-linked devourers x2)
Tyrant (twin-linked devourers, Stranglethorn cannon)
Termagants x20
Termagants x20
Termagants x20
Hive guard x2
Venomthropes x3
Carnifex x2
Total = 1498

Plan is to use the strength of shooting to control the field while the fexes and tyrant get in position to assault.



  1. No tervigons?
    They have taken that much of a hit then?

    1. No, I think the tervigons are pretty well pointed as a monstrous troops choice it's just that they have made almost all the MCs easier to kill by removing access to biomancy and 2+ saves ( along with making other armies cheaper) so their explosion is pretty painful.

      As for the army it looks like it might struggle to keep it's troops alive in games with more than two objectives. Then again that amount of MCs is hard to shift.