Thursday, 30 January 2014

Reading some E.L.F and Hughes lists

So I've had a few more lists and it's starting to get interesting, monstrously interesting.

Hive tyrant, venom cannon, Twin linked devourers

Tervigon,  regenerate, spray weapon

30 spine gaunts

Tyranofex, rupture cannon, regenerate, spray weapon

Emperor's Children
Legion Centurion with Charnabal Sabre

20 man legion tactical squad,
Combi-Plasma for the sergeant
Legion Apothecary attached

6 Cataphractii terminators
2 power swords, 4 power fists
reaper autocannon
combi-melta for the sergeant

6 man heavy support squad
missile launchers

I'm looking forward to seeing my Great Unclean One take on those nids!

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