Sunday, 26 January 2014

Reading the Taff lists!

So it's less than a month until our annual Anglo-Welsh clash at Warhammer World and I've received the lists from the Viet Taff. I'm still churning through my painting schedule but m hopeful I can get it done in time to get my butt kicked by some of the following lists.
Emperor's Children-

Paragon blade
Master crafted
Digital lasers
Iron halo.  

Legion tactical squad:
17 men
Extra close combat weapons
Sarg has power fist and artificer armour.  

Spartan Land Raider:
Ceremite armour
Flare shields.  

Sons of Horus-

Legion Praetor:
paragon blade
Archaeotech pistol
iron halo
melta bombs   

Sarg has artificer armour, power fist
Nuncio vox.  

artificer armour.  

Contemptor dreadnought:
kheres  pattern assault cannon
Close combat arm with inbuilt melta gun.  

Scorpius whirlwind.  

Night Lords-

Artificer Armour
Jump Pack
Plasma Pistol x2   

Support Squad
 2 Extra Legionaries
Sarg has a Combi-Plasma
6 Plasma Guns
Rhino APC.  

Cataphractii Terminators
 2 Extra Terminators
6 Power Fists
Chain Fist    

Whirlwind Scorpius    

Death Guard-

Cataphracti armour
Paragon blade
Master crafted
Digital lasers-  

X5 melta bombs-   

Legion tactical squad
20 men
Power fist
Artificer armour
Extra c/c weapons.  

Artificer armour   
World Eaters-

paragon blade
iron halo
digital lasers

command squad :
5 men
5 power weapons
Melta bombs.  

2 apothecarys :
artificer armour
power swords. 

Legion tactical squad:
18 man
Sarg has artificer armour and a power fist   

Rhino APC  

Iron Hands-

Forge Lord:
Power Fist
Cortex Controller
Refractor Field
Cyber Familiar
Rad Grenades:

Mortis Dreadnought:
Two Twin Linked Missile Launchers:

5 Castallax:
Enhanced Targetting Array

One of the things that I love about the Doubles format is that despite how much these lists may make parts of me fearful of facing it it's only one half of the army so still needs to match up well with the other players units to be effective. I can't wait to see how well they do!

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  1. Awesome to see them all taking the heresy vol. 1 ball and running with it