Friday, 5 December 2014

Left thinking WTF GW?

I'll keep it quick. Blood Angels Codex an miniatures up for preorder, hurray! No surprises with the codex price or limited edition (yawn!) but when it came to the models I was left scratching my head saying WTF GW? On the one hand you have the tactical squad which is absolutely jam-packed full of bits and all with blood drops etc, you really couldn't fit more parts on the sprue - 5/5 Daves for that one and the £26 doesn't seem too expensive given the niche nature of the product. Then they have the Sanguinary Priest... (pause for dramatic effect) £18 for one model with no options whose rules you don't know until you get the codex. Yeah I know I don't have to buy it and that I can get a discount etc, it's more the thinking behind the pricing of the products. Three huge rammed plastic frames for only £8 more? WTF GW?

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