Saturday, 13 December 2014

Perusing the new BA codex.

I picked up my new book and have been looking at what I can out together as an army using just what I've got painted.

Captain - Artificer Armour, Thunderhammer, Lightning Claw, Jump pack
Sanguinary Priest, Jump pack, Bolt pistol, Valors Edge (AP 2, power sword)

Death Company Squad 1 - 4 men Jump packs, 1 Power Weapon
Death Company Squad 2 - 4 men Jump packs, 1 Power Fist

Tactical Squad 5 Men, Vet Serg with Power Fist, Melta
Tactical Squad 5 Men, Multi-Melta

Fast Attack
Assault Squad 10 men, Vet Serg with Thunderhammer, Two Flamers
Bike Squad 5 men, Vet Serg Power Axe, 2 Flamers
Land speeder with two Heavy Flamers

Heavy Support
Storm Raven
Vindicator with Overcharged Engines (fast vehicle)

All models get +1 Initiative on the charge for the detachment special rule.

Over all I'm pretty happy with what I can put together. I'll be fiddling with the Tactical Squad to add Flame weapons to the Serg Special and heavy options as it's hordes that I'll struggle with but with Combat Squads I can get around 10 units on the table and my Captain has a 2+ save again so I'm very happy. I'll be looking at the potential of Sanguinary Guard and Sternguard units in the future but for now the Angels are back on the table! 


  1. Thoughts on Dante and Mephiston?

  2. Both seem fine as they don't cost the earth but also aren't that hard to kill. I've been wondering why it feels as though it is a lack lustre release and other than access to a few new eapon options and a few rules teeks the average BA player has lost units and gined not a single new option for their army. Rules wise the army works far better but why GW put all that time into terminators only makes sense if you consider that marketing had this thought "people go made for Space Hulk so lets release Blood Angel Terminators and terminator librarian and they will sell like hot cakes!" But I just don't see it.