Monday, 29 December 2014

Playing with new things!

Quick post, mainly a picture dump, of Rich, Will and I playing a few games yesterday.

3,000 pt 30K game, Rich's Emperor's Children vs Will's Heresy Guard
The set up. Rich is using the Land Raider pincer deployment to avoid the attentions Will's Lord of War - A fricking Baneblade!
The Emperor's Children use their Super Heavy Malcador to pressurise the centre...
Unfortunately Will's Multimelta strips FOUR hull points to leave the flamer marines rhino open to be abused! 
Sadly a series of woeful leadership tests sees Rich's centre retreat! 
Fast Attack Leman Russ' Outflanking? Yes please!
Fulcrum faces down everything Will can throw at him... and duly dies! Sad times for the Emperor's Children as the run out of models by the end of the game.
Black Fleet, Wil's new Pirate game. No need to choose between Merchant or Marauder here as you need to control one of each! So much fun we played 3 times and had one win each! Oh and metal coins!
Finally we played Rich's new Adventure Time Munchkin (I'll leave him to give you a full review) but it is a much improved version of the original for me.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed Black Fleet. Looking forward to seeing what it plays like with a full 4 players!