Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Going to a very distant land...


Wanted to plonk up a quick write up about our Adventure Time Munchkin on Sunday.

I've never actually played a Munchkin game before so was coming in fresh. Once we'd ironed out a couple of instances of misreading the rules in game one, game two seemed to go really nicely with a bit of ebb and flow and much dicking over of other players. I did like that the play time wasnt so short that you didnt feel particularly invested, but not so long that it dragged.
So a thumbs up for the game itself from a mechanics and play point of view.

As for the license aspect, i really dont think you could ask much more from an adventure time themed game, its absolutely choc-a-block full of references. I do particularly like that the character cards have the opposing gender versions like Fiona and Cake on the flip side.

I can see this being a game that id be more than happy to crack out in that gap between other 'bigger' games for quite some time.

4/5 Richs! (thanks again Dave!)

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