Friday, 22 July 2016

Kicking balls and taking names!

Will, Rich and I took advantage of the summer holidays arrival to get a few games of GuildBall in! WARNING: this is quite the image dump!

So first up was my first full game with my Butchers. I was trying out a faster Bleed orientated team so I hoped to score a goal or two and utilise my ability to take out players to finish the game. 

They had to have a real honest tim talk after the game about the nature of GuildBall and why they need to focus  a coherent strategy
 So it was a funny type of game as Will's Engineers beat the daylights out of me as my team tried to play the ball rather than punch face. Lesson learned, my captain should be stabbing not striking.
Next I played a game against a very nice chap from Australia who was only at Dark Sphere for a few hours before heading off to the airport (sorry no photos). He also had Engineers but had two Union players that filled in the usual lack of mobility and punch in the team. there were some very fun moments and I used most of my players better but I clearly wasn't ready to face a competitive team and by the end had no answers to the combos he could pull out. Lesson learnt, don't play random Australians! Nah, only kidding, make sure you have a couple of guys with melee range 2" and use momentum to counter attack your opponents face punchers!

Rich then took on Will's Engineers with his Morticians. I was looking forward to seeing how tricky these guys really were.

Bone saw was pushed back by one of Will's shots which turns out it put him exactly 1/2" out of the keepers charge range to intercept him!
Turns out very bloody tricky. Every time Will got the ball ready to pass and set up a goal it seemed Rich could hit him with a power that forced him to pass the ball to Rich's player instead! there were quite a few sad and statistically unlikely scatters that really put Will under the kosh and by the end bones was able to utilise his generous 8" pass to score the winner. Lesson learnt, don't give the Morticians any chance to fiddle with your plans as they have far too many ways of kicking your plans in the teeth and taking it's lunch money!

I now need to get the last two Butchers models so that I can now mix up my team choices and work out which work best for my style of play. 

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  1. nice write ups dave! didnt realise youd taken so many snapshots.

    Im still not entirely sure how i won that from being so far behind. (them scatters...)