Sunday, 3 July 2016

Mice, Mystics and Guildball!

Just a quick image dump to update on some gaming fun!

First up was a game of Guildball with my Butchers vs Will's Engineers in a three model game. 
My team did their best impressions of Weebles as they continued to get pushed over and bounce back up only to be  pushed over again
This is me trying to score, poor old cypher died again
You would have thought the scatter would have worked in my favour but Will snatched the ball away with his damn  replicant before passing it down field to score.
It really made me want to play a larger game to see how the teams scale as Will had control of the game and I felt should have been able to wrap it up with most of my players being knocked on their arses most of the time but it really showed up how much the Engineers rely on good rolls as once Fillet got free his it was hard for him to find space and deal with how much damage she dished out.  Will was leading 4-2 so it came down to a lot of luck (and a bad mistiming by us interns of kicking the ball out and moving Will's captain after scoring) that I was able to get Boiler to jump up grab the ball move down field and score to snatch victory. Very fun practice game. 

Next up Mice and Mystics and it was the most savage and embarrassing session yet. Three goes at the ninth mission and two at the tenth and we failed them all! We got very close with the tenth but we just couldn't stop rolling cheese for the bad guys and the timer just ran away from us (we won't mention the number of times my characters were captured, sshh!)
In this mission Rob and I were Colin and Filch whilst Will took on the role of the treacherous Captain Vurst who constantly switched sides requiring you to have to beat him up again, which of course Will loved and played to perfection each time!
Mission ten saw four mice try to blow you The Beast and we got all the way to the end and destroyed the monster but had to flee (well that's what we said) as a swarm of rats descended upon us and it proved too much.
After this we gave Rob his intro game of Guildball to help him make decisions about which of his Brewers he will us in his first proper game. All in all another lovely day of gaming and has helped motivate me to not only finish off my Butchers, but to get a five player team ready and paint up my Tail feathers models! More updates on these to follow soon I hope!


  1. How did Rob find the Brewers?
    Also, was he against the butchers or the engineers?

    1. He used my Butchers, we wanted to take him through the rough rules so he could evaluate his player options.