Monday, 18 July 2016

Pushing through the new game barrier.

A quick run down on three new games Will and I tried out at the weekend (oh, alright two and a half, I know Black Plague isn't really new but with all the add ons it was pretty much!).  No reviews as yet as they all need a thorough playing before judgement can be dispensed, but it is always great to get the basics (and inevitable errors) out the way.

First up was Incursion, Undead Nazis on Gibraltar. What could go wrong?
I tried out th British expansion first up and it turns out they require a lot more finesse than I can muster in a 'pop your cherry' scenario

Yep I had three guys and Will got 6 zombies a turn

Sorry I got out the Americans (the Space Marine equivalent in the game)

It is very much a far more expandable and accessible Space Hulk, so the basics come pretty naturally

The over watch like mechanic is simple but hard to get right once the Zombies are on you as you can't use it if something is in LoS
This is when I set my over watch 
And this is what happened when my guns ran out if ammo, you can guess what came next... 
This doesn't end well.
 Next up was Ninja Allstars, no photos sadly but we had a nice long intro game and came away very perplexed by the combat resolution system. It produces some very odd results that can leave you feeling a bit frustrated times. More plays will hopefully sort this so we are looking for two brave volunteers to have some four way dustups!

We finished off with what I like to call 'Dave and Will's cocky adventure in Wolfsburg!' as we stuck every expansion and creature we had from Will's kick starter in and only took two survivors each instead of three. 
Yeas those are two special abominations, we had already killed two and the mother lovers just kept coming.
we had a good system going and we on the road to victory but the long armed blobination reached out and touch James (our most useless character) a little too intimately and sadly we lost.
 It really helped us to get a grasp of all the new rules and some great tense moments were had, we just could;t get of the first two tiles due to the number of abominations and lack of ways the kill them. Lesson learnt, do through in NPC and Dead Eye walkers, don't just throw in all the near unkillable bad guys!

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