Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Nearly finishing Guildball models!

Quick image dump of my, so close to finished I can taste varnish, Guild ball Team.

All varnished and blood splattered. All I need now is some flock and white lines and we are golden!
It's funny how models can change once you shade and highlight then as all the way through I wasn't too struck with Ox but by the end I really like the way he came out. Oh and no bloody ball jokes.
I'm not too sure about Brisket but I can always go back and improve bits later.

Maybe it is growing up in the 80's but I really love the white mask! 
I think I may like Boiler the most as the blue of his specs really breaks up the model.

Next up are Meathook and Princess. But don't hold your breath as I haven't even ordered them yet.

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