Monday, 18 February 2013

Attending E.L.F's Crusade Campaign Weekend!

So we've just finished off E.L.F's annual gaming weekend and this year it a pre-Heresy Doubles event! 
Rich was actually losing at this point, that's how much he enjoyed the event!

I had 6 great games and have to admit that it has re-invigorated my desire to paint up my Blood Angels to get them up to speed for 6th edition. My highlights of the weekend are: finding out what noise a Scarab swarm makes (ask John for a demo), watching a C'tan head but an Avatar to death, 

The Final standings:
1) Rob 
2) Matt
3) Charlie
4) Rich
5) John
6) Paul
7) Will
8) Lee
9) Tom
10) Dave
11) Ant
12) Nic

Best Crusade force: John
Best scenery piece: Rich
Best event model: Rob
Best sportsman: Nic

Club standings:
1) Viet Taff
2) Hughes'
3) BBB
4) E.L.F

A huge thank you to all the guys for making it such a great event to run! Loads of ideas for how we can take this format forward next year!


  1. Some cool pics in there! i didnt take as many as i'd intended, i'll post them up later though.

    I must admit, im quite shocked i finished 4th, didnt think i'd done that well.

    Also, is that the best ever team showing in the 6 years or so by clan hughes?

  2. I think it may well be. I have to admit it really helped that this was the first year where we had every players army fully painted, I think it increases each players enjoyment when you are playing with models you have put so much time and effort into.

    1. definitely, that hadnt occurred to me till you mentioned it. every game looked like a spectacle.
      (though my eldar were not quite properly finished, from a distance it just didnt notice)

  3. I am always going to tank points on my (lack of) effort put into painting, terrain etc. So long as I don't get stomped too badly in the games then its all good!

    Anyways, cheers to ELF and all the players for a fantastic event. I enjoy this more each year but this one really stood out for me, the format was fantastic. Roll on 2014!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it and really grateful you could step in to make sure it all ran smoothly. It was great to see your Orks painted up and smashing skulls.