Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Playing again...

Played a couple of games of infinity last night, made me realise i really need to read the rulebook. But it was good fun nevertheless. And the new infinity terrain boards theyve got at TTN are pretty freakin sweet. as these pics will show!!

Yep, those are mdf frames with adverts for storyline related stuff printed on translucent plastic. Pretty cool!


  1. Looks good. from what i hear the rulebook is not very clear so the company has done a series of videos which are better. watching those could be better use of your time.

  2. ive spent the past few evenings reading through the rulebook in chunks, i dont think it currently has any issues with clarity (though someone i was speaking to on Tuesday did mention the older versions of the rulebook had a few translation issues so it seems jumping on a little later has saved us some of that hassle).

    The main issue im finding so far is trying to remember all the actions available and what all the skills and equipment do. Its hard to plan out your turns tactically when you cant remember everything you can do, but thats not an issue with this game more than its an issue for picking up any new game.
    Another read through of the book concentrating on the more intricate bits and bobs and a few more games should iron it all out.

  3. Columbo-ed!

    One more thing, as sweet as that battlefield looked, one thing that became shockingly apparent in our games was how terribly we'd arranged the terrain. Ideally it should be impossible to be able to draw a line of fire from one side of the board to the other, otherwise the heavier guns just rule the game, its also preferable to avoid having tall buildings in the deployment zones for the same reason. Snipers should be made to work for their position (or pay for an infiltration skill in their points cost)
    So if i was to do it again, id have had most of the buildings we used set up along the middle corridor rather than a no-mans land.

    This of course poses a problem with picking up the game, it REALLY needs terrain. lots of it. And as nice as those micro arts hdf buildings are, they aint that cheap. Now for myself, thats not too much of a biggie as i can just go and ponce a table at TTN and use their terrain as its only 45 minutes drive away, but for others of us, thats a bit more of a trek.
    Something to consider anyhoo. I guess if it takes off we could do some sort of 'everyone bring a building' dilly-o
    (i can see myself picking up a set of the holo-ads anyway just because they look cool.)
    -end ramble.