Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cash from the Skies..

So death from the skies is already sold out and due for a 2nd print run. How small was that first run? or has it really sold that well?

By all accounts the stormtalon entry is an edit on the original with a lower points cost, making it so anyone using one kinda needs this book. Cynical indeed.

Although the IBooks edition of marines has got all the updates apparently.

So are folks thinking of picking a copy up when it restocks in a few weeks?

in other news, ive already started cracking on with my mountain of resin.

cataphractis look SO BADASS.

cant wait to take a brush to them.


  1. Given that there is already an FAQ for the first printing (one errata) it's probably a good thing it ran out so quick.

    I think it is a rather poor show, the last two supplements have been low on content (one repeats part of the other) and fails to address the real problems with fliers (points costs and survivability). I hope this isn't the future for 40k as having to have multiple books with an FAQ for each one feels like I'm being forced into using ibooks to avoid carrying a forest in my miniatures case.

    1. I suppose theres always the option to just...not bother.
      We only really play as a group, we all know the stormtalon is the same as the white dwarf entry -20 points. If anyone uses one, knock 20 points off of it, carry on.
      Was recently taking part in a warseer discussion about a particlarly troublesome fantasy unit that shall remain nameless and it struck me that one of the main problems with it is the steadfast as it is, it got me wondering how much better the game would be if steadfast could be negated by the unit being disrupted by a flanking unit, but thats not the rules and probably wont be until 9th ed. But who cares if we try it out? The world isnt going to end because we've house-ruled something silly.

    2. Also, i was having another look at the points for my 1500 blood angels list and realised the cuts id have to make to fit a stormraven in were deeper than i first thought, and given the cash grab 'BUY MORE STORMRAVENS' theyve just gone on, ive decided to skip it. So thats a £50 model they wont be selling me. Haha! righteous victory!

      It'll be going on an emperors children contemptor with autocannons instead.

      Yeah, doesnt feel like quite so much of a righteous victory now....

    3. But it will look bitching! Don't see why they didn't allow the other marines to use the storm talon too, especially as it is now cheaper.

    4. it will look bitchin, and i still like to think of forgeworld as not GW.
      I cant believe that about the stormtalon either. I simply cant think of a good reason to not open it up. It'd sell more kits.

      Maybe theres going to be a follow up some time down the line with other races flyers in and the storm talon will get added to blood angels and grey knights then?

  2. Snip: "The only rule changes are for the stormtalon (it lost supersonic, it gained strafing run, and it had the cost reduced) and for the Stormraven (the space marine version has stormstrike missiles ( R72 S8 VP2 concussive)). The rest is completely unchanged.

    Also both the stormtalon and the stormraven can be taken by templar and vanilla marines."