Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday Quickie

Quick aside to start with, were you aware you didnt finish publishing your 'end of the weekend' post?
EDIT: and you made me look a goon by posting it while i was writing! Doh!


First up thanks again for organising an awesome weekend Dave, i can honestly say it was the one i've enjoyed the most since i started joining yous.

Round 1 was great fun, hotly contested, looked like a cool battle.
in fact all of the rounds were great, i thoroughly enjoyed the doubles format, sharing in the great victories and commiserating in the defeats.

But i think my personal highlight was the very last action of the weekend, attempting a ram with our only remaining model, my rhino, on johns land raider. If i could blow it up there was a chance it could kill the relic carrier and get us an unlikely draw. However i didnt read the ram rules beforehand.

I performed the ram, looked up the rules and realised i couldnt hurt him, whoops!
He rolled for the return damage and got a glance which wrecked the rhino. double whoops!!
Not quite the glorious finish, but it was pretty hilarious.

And heres the piccies!

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