Saturday, 9 February 2013

Making preparations for next weekend.

Well I've finally undercoated my first megarachnid, with less than a week to go! But enough about my hobby failures I've finally managed to produce the draw for the rounds for next weekend. It's been trickier than I had expected to ensure everyone played with/against each other and everyone used each army the correct number of times (one of my many excuses for not getting painting done).

So here they are:

Round one:
Will & Rich Cr (Crusade forces) vs Tom & Lee Ld (Lost & Damned)
Ant & Matt Cr vs Nic & Paul Ld
Charlie & Rob Cr vs John & Dave Ld

Round two:
Will & Ant Ld vs John & Paul Cr
Matt & Rob Ld vs Dave & Lee Cr
Charlie & Rich Ld vs Tom & Nic Cr

Round three:
Paul & Lee Cr vs Will & Dave Ld
Tom & Ant Cr vs Charlie & Matt Ld
Rob & John Cr vs Nic & Rich Ld

Round four:
Nic Cr & Dave Ld vs Paul Cr & Tom Ld
Rich Cr & Matt Ld vs Will Cr & John Ld
Charlie Cr & Ant Ld vs Rob Cr & Lee Ld

Round five: 
Nic & Lee Cr vs Charlie & Will Ld
Dave & Ant Cr vs John & Rich Ld
Tom & Matt Cr vs Rob & Paul Ld

Round six:
Dave Cr & Nic Ld vs Matt Cr Ant Ld
John Cr & Lee Ld vs Rich Cr & Paul Ld
Charlie Cr & Tom Ld vs Will Cr & Rob Ld

So there it is. Hopefully having all the draws done before hand will help the flow of the event as people can just begin as soon as they are ready and aren't waiting around for the results to come in.

See you in next Friday!   


  1. Replies
    1. Yes it is, I was of course just testing to make sure YOU knew when it was. You passed the test! I have edited appropriately to avoid future confusion (nothing to do with wishing I had an extra week to prepare!).

    2. phew!
      had an 'oh god! need to change my day off booked and hotel booking' panic :D

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  3. quick question Dave, im paired with Matt for both the last 2 games, is that intentional?

    1. No, none of it is intentional just had to randomise to make sure people used the right number of armies. I'll take another look later.