Monday, 24 February 2014

Devastation Photos Recap Day 0 and Day 1 Part 1

I thought i'd dump all my snaps of the weekend up in some blog posts with some game summaries.

Some games of regular 40k on the Friday:

Some pre and early mid-game shots of my Eldar vs ants Orks horde. Kill points.
It started off looking pretty bad for ant as his stuff kept dropping like flies, but once the stuff he had left managed to charge a few of my units it started looking more even. Ended 14 points to 9 in the end.

Forgot to take any snaps of my kill team game vs will (which will trounced me in)
Suffice to say, venoms arent quite as dirty when you can only shoot one model.

Also forgot to snap my game with nic of eldar vs nids, the mission was big guns. I killed a hell of a lot of stuff but if it had ended turn 5, nic wouldve won in a landslide, unfortunately for him it went the full distance and i killed his remaining units.

Devastation Day 1:
Game 1 was myself and Rob P vs Will and Paul.

The forces before the battle

The defenders line up.

The nids begin swarming down the right flank.

The glorious moment the terminator sergeant has to challenge the hive tyrant and wins a round of combat!

That one missile launcher guy hiding survived!

The Death Guard & Tervigon get bogged down in a very protracted combat.

The Emperors Children and Death Guard line up against the Sons of Horus and some arachnid allies hoping to delay or kill their leader, Garviel Loken.
This was a bloody affair, the nids swarmed down our right flank to try and clear the warlrod a path through the Emperors Childrens defensive force while the death guard stormed up our left flank to directly engage the Sons of Horus.
It seemed offensive truly was the best form of defence in this case as both offensive pushes were successful. The Emperors Children were wiped out (almost) to a man (eventually).
In the mean time however, the Deathshroud terminators and Death Guard Praetor had locked Loken and his tactical squad in combat, slowly whittling them down until Loken and the last remaining member of the unit simultaneously deliver the killing blow, scoring a victory for the Death Guard & Emperors Children.
A thoroughly entertaining and bloody start to the weekend!

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