Monday, 24 February 2014

Devastation Photos Recap Day 1 Part 2

Heres what i've got (and can remember) of Rounds 2 & 3

Round 2
We do a bit of a switcheroo on table 2. Paul and his Sons of Horus switch sides to join my Emperors Children and we face off against Johns traitorous(yes yes, i know its all about perspective) Emperors Children with Wills 'Nids.

Both sides get to make use of a fortification, and so the Void Shield Generator gets to make its first outing.
Due to them not having to focus their attention on a deadly ap3 whirlwind, and Johns Spartan being nigh-untouchable, the missile launcher squad perched atop the generator battlements loose volley after volley into the tyranids, whittling down the wounds on their big beasts. Eventually they've all fallen and the resulting feedback from the Tervigon wipes out every last gaunt, leaving a solitary Zoanthrope left standing from the nid force.
Lucius and his squad finally evacuate their Spartan and make short work of the Sons of Horus that were camping on the landing pads objective.
The game ends promptly on Turn 5. Which was probably a fair outcome, it wouldve been very difficult for either side to threaten the opposing objective in the remaining 2 turns.

Round 3

Off to table 3, which finds my Emperors Children, Johns Emperors Children, Toms Iron Warriors and Robs Death Guard in a cagey affair. We roll off and Rob gets to start as the loyalist. The rest of us play it very cagily and come the end of our first turn, we nominate Rob to roll off to see which of us will switch sides to join him. 1 or 2 - John, 3 or 4 - me, 5 or 6 - Tom.
He rolls a 4 so im switching back to the goodies!

As nothing i control can touch Johns Nigh-invulnerable death machine i focus my attention entirely on the Iron Warriors, wiping out the 10 man missile launcher squad and artillery gun in the first turn before finishing off the tactical squad and tac support squad turn 2.
John comes to the aid of his battle brother but cant save any of their units in time. He does enact bloody revenge however, completely annihilating all of my units over the next few turns.
By this time Rob has footslogged across the board to try and get involved.
With both myself and Tom out, the game is tied at 5 VP's each. Lucius and his unit hedge their bets, deciding theyre too isolated to have any further effect on the battle and just ensure they wont fall. Meanwhile the spartan gets cocky and attempts to pick off the Deathshroud, but the 2 remaining terminators manage to get a charge in, 1 hit, 1 pen and they manage to blow it up, securing a win for the loyalists by a single VP.
An exciting end to an incredibly fun scenario.


  1. Probably should have mentioned the key moment in round 2. John spent turn 1 trying to down the 2 void shields but failed to dent them.
    Turn 2 he did the same again and down they went, only to come straight back up with a double six from me at the start of our turn 3!

  2. Just when I thought you wouldn't make a big deal out of it ;)