Thursday, 27 February 2014

Rich's Thursday Ramble - Kill Team

I've had a fair number of little bits of ideas for things to post this week. So i decided, rather than flooding the board with guff, I might just try and attempt to put together a weekly post focusing on an issue and attempting to get some discussion going. As its Thursday I figured I might as well make it weekly on a Thursday.

First up: Kill Team.

Following the disastrous first outing of the kill team in a  venom, I decided to go back to the drawing board...

Here is the V1 of the Kill Team list I'm thinking of trying to put together and field at Darksphere soon. I'm sticking with Dark Eldar for now (as I've got a fair few choices in elites and fast attack)

My thinking was that you probably do need more than 5 guys unless those 5 guys are really ace
(even if that does mean my wicked cheat sheet might end up a bit more cluttered)

It also occurred to me that guys that get multiple shots as standard is probably pretty handy (not that I'm bitter about you, dark lance guy. I'm sure you did your best......prick)

So here is the list:

5 Scourges
3 with shard carbines
1 splinter cannon
1 dark lance

5 Wracks
4 with poisoned CCWs
1 with a liquefier gun


As for abilities, I'm thinking I'll probably make the guy humping around the dark lance guy relentless and give the guy with the liquefier gun infiltrate.
Beyond that I hadn't really decided.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for that final specialist?

And has anyone else got kill teams to share?


  1. I'm going to take 5 Destroyers with 1x Indomitable specialist: Feel No Pain, 1x Weapon specialist: Ignores Cover, Dirty Fighter specialist: Poisoned (4+). Combining the Str 5 AP 3 shots with preferred enemy and ignores cover mean I should be able to assonate almost any model first turn. I know Poisoned seems odd but I couldn't seem think of anything else that would be as useful as more re-rolls to wound.

    1. That looks really solid. Are destroyers still T5 with a 3+ save?

    2. That they are. Add in Jump Infantry and 24" range and there shouldn't be anything on the board they can't threaten in their first turn. Not a list I'll be taking for fun but quick and easy in a tournament.

    3. Probably quite handy to have all the same model too, saves having to memorise more than one statline and weapon and whatnot.
      Dawned on me this weekend just passed that id need to finish painting my wracks, id also need to build and paint the scourges. whoops.

  2. Yeah I'd thought that the Kill Team event would be far enough away from the Doubles to paint things but I was wrong, very wrong.

    1. Same here, doesnt help that i've got 2 late nights at work this week filming drama exams. The kill team definitely arent going to get finished. They'll have paint on, but not finished.

    2. Scratch that, I foolishly started doing the second base colour on the scourge outfits (which, double foolishly, is yellow) and realised not only are they not going to get finished, they'll look pretty dogshit until they're a lot further along. So I decided to fall back onto some models that are painted instead.

      I did consider hellions, but the fact that they don't have access to any different weapons other than splinter turned me off.

      I'm going with:
      8 Reaver Jetbikes. 2 heat lances.

      One heat lance will have ignore cover. One of the guys will have furious charg