Sunday, 23 February 2014

Finishing up the E.L.F campaign weekend

So the dice have settled and the winners were...

The tension mounts! 
John takes Best Fortification! 
Lee scoops Best Force!
Rich is the Best Sportsman!
The Viet Taff take the main prize of Best Club!
Thanks again to everyone for making all the effort of putting the event together worth it every year!


  1. Cheers again Dav for running another great weekend and on behalf of the Taff everyone we played.

    I can only apologies for Chris's robots....I see the monster I have made and the ripple effect it has caused (just seen Tom's post on here about an ad mech army ;)

    Can't wait for next year as ever no matter what Mr Baal has in mind and Its going to be great to keep in touch now I'm on here too.

    Cheers again guys
    (Love my new templates)

  2. Thanks again to Dave for running such a fun event, and thanks to all of my opponents and team mates for 5 great games.

    1. Oh yeah, and those templates are bloody ace.
      I now want to play more games with my marines just so i can legitimately use them.

    2. Now I can make some for all of my Armies!

    3. out of curiosity, how much do you reckon it would cost you to make up a set on green plastic with the craftworld il-kaithe symbol on, and also a set on red plastic with..some sort of..dark eldar symbol that i havent quite thought about yet on?

      I fear Brennas OCD might be catching...

  3. might need some blue crimson fist ones and some red ad mech ones soon (also would love a nid set as well)