Monday, 24 February 2014

Devastation Photos Recap Day 2

Last bit,

I didnt actually take that many photos of day 2, i got a bit too involved in the games themselves to remember.

Round 4
I was expecting to be sitting round 4 out to help with the numbers, but Will kindly offers a swap to give me the chance for an Emperors Children team up on table 2 with John vs Ants Orks and Nics 'Nids.

We manage to get a preferable table half which makes nics job quite difficult. Johns force focuses on dealing with the orks while my half set up at the edge of our deployment zone and keep edging back away from the advancing Nids, unleashing everything we've got as we go. The carnifexes are the only things left standing by the time they finally hit our lines and make short work of most of my tactical squad, who promptly break and leg it. The game ends there with us victorious due to holding 2 objectives.

Round 5
After much swapping it turns out im teaming up with John again vs Chris' dirty robots and Matts Nightlords.
After hearing how disgusting the Castellax have been throughout the weekend i was rather looking forward to seeing them in action, albeit from the opposite side of the table.
Thankfully we managed to win the roll off to decide which side was defending, as such we got to set up a void shield generator AND skyshield landing pad side by side in our deployment zone, giving us a solid defense against the heavy firepower likely to be levelled our way.

The game went the full 7 turns, i spent most of it cagily trying to avoid getting reamed while attempting to hold as many of the fortification objectives as i could while John attempted to slow down the robots and Nightlords as much as possible.
We got a lucky break early on, blowing up the plasma gun squads rhino and pinning the squad, allowing us to frag missile them the following turn.
We got another lucky break when a balls-deep teleport attempt went wrong and the night lords cataphracts ended up as far away from our objectives as we could put them.
Had it ended turn 5 or 6 we wouldve scraped a win, but the plasma gun squad made it onto the skyshield in turn 7 for the draw while the last remaining Castellax held up Lucius and his squad in combat (making that 6+ invulnerable save vs a single instant death hit)
A draw is probably a fair result in the end, it was a tense game and they deserved a few breaks after our ones earlier in the game.
If that intitial dice roll had fell differently and we were the side that had to assault that defensive line though, im pretty sure we'd have been toast.

So that was the thrilling end to another ace weekend!

And i managed to resist dropping any cash on resin for a change.

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