Saturday, 5 July 2014

Finishing our Descent campaign!

After a few months of dungeon delving it all came to this, two more Quests to complete our Descent campaign. The heroes had been suffering a little of late but could they pull it back as the stakes were raised?

The final Act II Quest was a ritual of Shadows and the heroes had to stop my lieutenant from completing a diabolical ritual. As it turned out my I had picked a crazy good set of monsters and Trenloe (Will's crazy beat stick of a power house) was delayed by a combination of too much mead and Southwest Coaches (Southwest Trains) so the boys had to go into this dungeon without it's mincing machine. As such the ritual was cast . Then they had to catch my lieutenant before he raced off the board:
The grey guy on the right is my lieutenant, the grey guys on the left are the heroes... there was a lot of bodies to wade through. 
 As it turns out the guys couldn't catch me so I got a final win of Act II! This meant that I'd won two of the three acts so the guys had to play The man Who Would Be King! A great Quest to end on as they had to fight their way through the lieutenants in the first Act as they chased down a Fat Goblin (a very similar task to the first Quest!). 
At this point I was bricking it as my little Fat Goblin needed to get off the right of the board and he was very slow!
I managed (with some bad rolls from the guys) to sneak my Splig lieutenant off and give me an advantage in the final half of the Quest. this was a Playing For Keeps game (if the heroes go down to 0 wounds they are dead for good!). It was a great game really close in places but in the end the it ended as it should with Trenloe striking down the Big Bad after some extremely tense turns! 

The heroes take the campaign and save Terrinoth! I can't wait to play a new campaign and play as a hero!

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