Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Midweek Heresy Game Photo Dump


Played some heresy last night at tabletop so i thought id dump the photos i managed to remember to take. As you may notice the photos tail off pretty soon into the game (isn't that always the way? perhaps we need to start allocating an extra person to be record keeper)

We decided to give heresy maelstrom of war another go, though i think we may revert to playing the missions from the heresy book again from now on.
I also got to give my shiny new kharybdis a run out. I was quite impressed with it, it delivered Fulgrim and his terminators exactly to where i wanted them, in Toms face from the off, and it managed to survive long enough to protect them from the first turn of shooting. And it looks HENCH.
Its one hell of a centrepiece and due to its ability to be seen with the naked eye from SPACE i think it was the catalyst for our game to receive a fair amount of attention from the other regular 40k gamers in attendance.
Fulgrim vs Perturabo didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped though, first turn he gets something like 9 attacks, but if you fluff a fair number (say, 7?) and fail to wound with the rest, hes on the back foot from the concussive hammer making him initiative 1 for the rest of the fight (unless Perturabo somehow manages to completely miss). At least the game ended before he had the ignominy of dying.

As was to be expected, the greater mobility of my mechanised force gave me the advantage in maelstrom and the game ended turn 5 with me winning by a few VPs.

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