Monday, 28 July 2014

Receiving Kickstarter rewards!

A nice surprise came today in the post:
 ZOMBIE 15'!
This is the only project I have backed on kickstarter to date so I was doubly pleased to receive it as I had forgotten it was coming this week! One of the problems I have with backing things on Kickstarter is often that I really like to see things first hand before making a purchase (possibly one of the reasons I end up buying things my friends own?). So it was a gauarntee that I'd jump on this one having played a demo game at Essen with the boys. 
A quick tip: just like Smallworld, if you put the left over boards under the vac formed tray it makes everything fit perfectly in the box, otherwise things are going to move a round when transported.
 This is part one of the reward sets but the other has mainly extra parts for the game and an art print so it was nice of them to get the game sent out rather than wait (I think that also had something to do with wanting to sell loads at GenCon and not annoy the backers!).
A nice exclusive cup to keep the zombies in as you kill them and watch the horde builds up ready to jump you! 
An exclusive for King of Tokyo, the Alpha Zombie!
Hopefully I can get the game out for a spin over the weekend!