Tuesday, 29 July 2014

More Midweek Heresy

Hey Dudes,

Had another 3000 point game, this time vs Toms Ad Mech.
This time we had quite a nice centrepiece to fight over in the form of a 'Dark Angels Action fortress Thing'.

Following that i also got challenged by a guy with his Tau who was curious to try his hand against a primarch.

Follow the jump for the snaps and recaps!
Game 1 - Toms Ad Mech.

We've reverted back to playing the heresy missions from HH book 1 and rolled up the super linebreaker mission and the diagonals deployment.

It ended in a fairly comprehensive win for the Ad Mech with them winning something like 8 points to 3. I found i struggled to lay enough wounds on the squads to down models, even Fulgrim with his paragon blade found it hard going taking down the castellax. I also struggled to down any of the armour, im pretty sure the knights damaged themselves with scatters as much as i managed to with intentional shooting.

I dont think its a back to the drawing board moment, but i do feel some consideration has to be given to possible games against ad mech if youre building your legion list and i might need to look at making a few tweaks to what i thought was a fairly solid 3000 point list.

Onto the second game of the evening, a 2000 point game against a guy called Richard who'd taken an interest in our recent 30k games and challenged me to a 2000 point game with his Tau.
We used regular missions from the 7th book and got crusade with 4 total objectives and fighting length ways along the table.

I went first and went balls deep with Fulgrim and a unit of cataphractii in the Kharybdis right in the middle of his force, the heat blast landing strike scored a lot of hits managing to stun longstrikes hammerhead and make a unit of pathfinders break and run off the board (WIN!).
The joy was short-lived however, as the Kharybdis quickly got downed by the unit of 3 broadsides, the rest of my force managed to soak up a hell of a lot of firepower for relatively few casualties.
Turn 2 Fulgrim split off from the terminators and got stuck into the broadsides, weathering a hell of a lot of supporting fire and managing to kill all this by himself in a single round of combat:

Hes a Beast!
Victorious! But thats a lot of guns around him...

Richard decided the game was probably mine by this point regardless (with me having just wiped out over a quarter of his army from a single assault)  so he wanted to at least be able to say he'd killed a Primarch and focused every single weapon on Fulgrim, amazingly he came out with a single wound remaining, sadly we had to call it a night there due to the venue closing.
Fulgrim scraped by with 1 wound left and we both agreed that while points wise it was only a narrow victory for me at this point, chances are with the carnage Fulgrim had already wreaked (and could perhaps have continued to), it would've been nigh impossible for the Tau to turn it around.

So, in case we were wondering, Primarchs delivered into your opponents deployment zone turn 1 are even nastier in regular 40k than they are in 30k.

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