Monday, 21 July 2014

Finishing our game of 40k!

As the game went on I realised I'd made a huge error in taking first turn as almost all of my units have to be within 24" to be effective and that is just too close to Orks now that they can reliable charge with the Ere we go reroll.

Add to this some terrible psychic phases and leadership tests and this was the end result:
the chimera had immobilised itself on turn one and the Vendetta soon learned that Tractor Kannons are pretty lethal to fliers!

Ever wondered if 6 Ogryn can take on 6 Mega Nobs and 20+ Boys?  Sad times for the Ogryn.

If I could only get my Misfortune power to cast on the mega Nobs I might stand a chance of beating them in combat, instead the Psyker rolls 11 three times to just keep running away.

End of turn four and Rob has 12 Vps and I have 6 with no way of gaining any more we called it. Well done the Orks!
I don't think going short end to short need for deployment did me any favours and not thinking about it earlier meant I allowed the Orks into my units on turn one and from there I was taking a pounding. The more I play with the objective cards the more I find that it is completely unbalanced. I had three objective 2 cards which was in the middle of Robs army so no chance of getting it whilst one the objectives Rob pulled was to make a charge with a roll of 10+ (which given he was getting a single die reroll meant he had a reasonable chance). It was fun to see how well the new codex has updated a combat army for an edition that isn't very favourable to combat units but I really need to change my Guard list as it has no end game (guess I'll be buying a Wyvern or two!).


  1. I was discussing modifying the maelstrom missions with tom last week. the one we both liked the sound of was amalgamating the old school missions and using the tactical objectives to replace the 'standard' secondary objectives. Maybe something along the lines of you roll up 1 of the 6 old school missions, draw 3 secondaries at the start of turn one then draw 3 more at the start of turn..3? 4?
    That keeps most of the best bits of the new format, but doesnt have quite the manic bombing about from point to point as you get new orders every single turn. And also eliminates that shitty first blood vp that i pretty much always concede.
    The only thing that would need thrashing is how to work out the tactical objectives 1-6 if youve also got say, big guns, or the 1 primary objective each. you could end up with a lot of objective markers out.

  2. I was going to remove the objective cards that referred to the maundered objectives and then simply draw three secret cards to replace the secondary objectives. That way you can plan how you will meet the Primary objectives for the end of the game but you have the potential to get quite a few bonus points if you plan it properly. I'll have a think and post up some ideas. We can try some out next weekend if we get the painting done in time!