Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Essen Day 2.

So after a busy Sunday we arrived ready to attack some more games.

We tried for Culthu Wars but sadly never arrived at the right time. Rivet Wars was also a miss. But we did play some good games.

Lobotomy - is coming soon to Kickstarter. You are mental patients that are escaping, and you are seeing weird creatures. Nice minatures and some nice mechanics. I will be looking for it when it appears in Kickstarter.

Dinorace - Race Dinos and escape the volcano. Nice kids game. Wanted to buy but sold out everywhere.

Masquade - a Coup like game where you have to bluff your way to getting the most money. Fun with a large group.

From matel can't remember the real names.
Monkey Tree Game - get the most money's off the trees before the time runs out.

Shooting Pig game - tedious games, get you pigs to the food. Other players can shoot you with the tractor off the board.

Lift Off - awesome game, very fun. Use the crane to build things. Will and Lee bought it. Can't wait to see it when people are drunk. :0)

Dragonscroll - A nice game with interesting miniatures and mechanics. The Fireballs are rolled down a ramp to see what they hit. Has a carsonne element of board creation. Would have bought but company don't do reprints and it was sold out.

Genie Game - real name.... - I like this and should have bought it. You moved magic carpets around collected Genies and captured other people's carpets. The direction you could move depended on where the collected Genies are placed on your carpet. Had a chess like quality to it.

Aqua Bunch - full silly game where you make the best hand and go on and compete to have brunch. Lady who demoed it was really competitive. :0)

Fizz and Miez - terrible kids game where a cat chases a toy car.

Co-mix - an interesting game where you make a comic strip bases on a title. Very similar to Dixett.

Dragon Valley - nice kiids game where you have to help dragons fly home oboe the evil wizard. To fly them you have to work with someone to fly them across using two sticks.

Best thing - giant version of ghost ghost treasure Hunter. Squee!!!!

We still left with things that we missed out.

Relic Knights and an interesting Space Combat Game.


  1. really liking the look of lobotomy!

  2. Did you get a copy of the Giant ghost hunter game?