Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Playing Descent!

Managed to get another Quest in tonight in an after hours gaming session at The Missing Geek! Having lost both of the previous Act 1 Quests I was hopeful that Castle Daerion would see a change in my fortunes!

Two dragons! How could I lose!
This was the first outing for my new Overlord card that allowed me to give Disease tokens to players if I fail to hurt them so I was feeling confident I could keep some of my monsters as live bait longer. Once the card came out it stayed out all quest (with the benefit of making my deck smaller) so I was glad to see it on turn three. Unfortunately in Act 1 even dragons are pretty easy to take down so I really struggled to kill any of the villagers (why do they run away from the monsters?), meaning that the next encounter was harder. I gave it my best shot but I just couldn't seem to get my defence dice together and once again the heroes pushed my face in the dirt (it didm't help that I had read the FAQ which changed quite a few rules to help the heroes in both encounters). My one concern is that the game seems to swing a lot between being rather hard for the heroes at 2 good players and hard for the Overlord at four. Hopefully by taking another Disease card next Quest (the Interlude!) will go much more in my favour!

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