Monday, 13 October 2014

Watching Star Wars Rebels!

Just a quick post to say how much I enjoyed the new Star Wars Rebels show. I watched the first double episode 'Spark of Rebellion' and was really impressed with the balance it struck with the childish humour needed to appeal to the young children drawn to a cartoon and the more serious edge needed for an adult Star Wars audience.  The characters seem to fit into some of the usual archetypes (brooding leader, sassy lasses, grumpy strong guy etc) but the stand out moment for me came when Kanan steps up to take on the Imperials and reveal his secret past (not much of a secret but I won't spoil it). Haven't had that Star Wars moment since I read the Episode III book and Obi-Wan kicked Grevous' arse! Now I'm excited for Episode VII!


  1. Had meant to series link this. id imagine it'll be repeated quite a lot this week though

  2. Really liking it so far.

    Was suprised to see Freddy Prince Jr. in it.