Monday, 27 October 2014

Playing board games!

With a week off and new purchases from Essen it just made sense to take a day to play some new games!

We at rated with King of New York and having heard numerous reviews I was excited to see how 'King of Tokyo 2.0' would fare.

Having every character on the board is a huge improvement as you feel (and are) part of the game all the time .

With the addition of the buildings there are lots of extra paths to victory for those in and outside of Manhattan.
The designers took a fun game and made it great as more games seem to be decided by victory points rather than just beating each other up!

Aqua Brunch and Super Duo were both given a run out (no pictures sorry to busy learning rules!) and I think both have a safe place in the games library. Aqua Brunch is very deceptive as it feels a bit silly but has at the potential for some fun bluffing. Super Duo seems like a good game if you play it for theme and really quick.

Next up was Star Reams, which I also played on friday at Will's. Acension meets Magic in a  game that blows both out of the water. Quick fun and full of variety that will allow you to play it over and over without it feeling repetitive.

Nic picked up Rivet Wars over the weekend so we cracked that out and learnt the basics. 

It looks a bit big but actually due to the way the game escalates it runs really quickly.
I have to admit I wasn't sure about the concept behind the game but I really enjoyed the mechanics and the asymmetrical army composition. The Allies and Blight work very differently meaning you can happily switch armies to change up the challenge much like Space Hulk.

Finlly we had a go at Formula D again. We took two cars each to allow use to see who could do best with a team of cars.

Nic lead pretty consistently all the way around for both laps, though he was also in last!
Rob and I battled it out, with note than a few bits falling off our cars!
Nic was so unlucky nit to take first place as both his cars spun out at the same time (one on the last corner of the final lap with him in a clear lead!) letting Rob and I slip past I was one space away from stealing the win from Rob but it was not to be as Rob took first and fourth meaning he took 15 points to my 14! with Nic on 7.

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