Monday, 27 October 2014

TableTop Double Header: Game 2

For Game 2 we matched off a Dark Eldar list against Robs Orks at 1850.

To continue the theme we used one of the Ork 'Altar of War' missions which basically gave us a 3 objectives mission with the standard secondaries.

So heres the set ups:

Opening Exchanges:

Staring down the barrel of a metric fuckton of mega-armour

Oh, you crazy Dark Artisan guys!!

Another bloody game! (arent they always, though?) and once again quite swingy.

The match ended turn 6 with a last minute turbo boost from a squad of boyz in a trukk objective secured-ing an objective away from my dark artisan unit swinging the victory in Robs favour.
My star of the show, yet again, was the Dark Artisans, dropping in front of 3 trukks and the warboss and scaring the shit out of the Orks enough to make them all turbo-boost off. They then mopped up the lootas and finished off a big unit of mega-nobs (which had made fairly short work of my grotesques).

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