Monday, 27 October 2014

TableTop Double Header: Game 1

Hey folks,

Popped along to tabletop with Tom and Rob yesterday and got 2 games in, heres a photo write up!

Myself and Tom arrived first and got set up, we decided to try something a little different and did 3000 points of Dark Eldar/Eldar vs Mechanicum.
As you'll be able to see from the pics, we had a slightly different table to usual as most of the regular 40k tables were being used. So we modified the tables usually intended for the 28mm skirmish games and it actually made for a very nice 40k table.

To further add to the 'eh, why not'-ness we used the Haemonculous Coven 'Altar of War' missions. We rolled up the first one, which is 3 VPs for scoring each objective marker at the end of the game (plus the standard secondary missions) the twist being that there are no objectives set up before the game, the objectives are created on the spot where any of the Dark Eldars enemies units die.

The Eldar team got to go first and heres the set ups:

Opening Exchanges:

 The game drags on and the kill count racks up!

The game ends turn 5 with a very lucky victory for the Eldar team-up thanks to one Grotesque scraping an objective claim by a fraction of an inch giving them 2 objectives to 1 with an even spread on the secondaries.

The game was fun and was actually much swingier than i'd anticipated (as i'd anticipated a fair old pasting going in)
Highlights for me were managing to down 1 of the knights turn 2 by dropping scourges behind it and getting wraithcannons in front (and blasters from either side) managing to bypass the shield for multiple units. (a particular low however being that i didnt manage to finish off the second knight).
Another highlight was sending 1 squad of six reavers at the thanatar and them (eventually) managing to kill it.
The Haemonculous Dark Artisan formation of 1 haemonculous with a webway portal, a talos and a cronos performed admirably, wiping out multiple units and scoring 3 VPs from an objective.
A bit of a downer was finding out i had to re-roll poison wounds vs the castellax, but i realised throwing 2 big units of grotesques (who cause instant death on 6's to wound) at them might work, and it did!

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