Saturday, 8 March 2014

Attending Dark Sphere's killteam tourney!

So we made it on time and started rolling dice but who came out on top in round 1?
Not me! I tool my 5 Destroyers and was paired with a really nice Italian chap called Francesco who also had Necrons, except his were 5 warriors, 5 Immortals and a Wraith. As it turns out being abke to roll 6+ go to ground saves and 5+ reanimation is big game in kill team and I lost 5-0.
Rich has taken 8 Dark Eldar jetbikes and was paired against the Codex Eldar mirror. He won 5-0 as being abke to cut your opponents head off whilst you turbo boost away tends to wear an opponent down.
Will's game was close against a white scar bike list. I'll let him tell rhe story of that one.
Currentky sitting out round two on a bye (so an auto win with an average points of all the other winning players so can't end the event on zero!)
Here are some images of the current round two games.

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