Monday, 24 March 2014

Extreme Makeover: Storm Raven Edition - Part 1


Following Friday nights game I decided a Storm Eagle would be a solid acquisition for my heresy force.

I had a dilemma, however. Not only did i already own a Storm Raven kit (which has seen play few enough times to be able to count on one hand, including Fridays proxying!) but having looked up the construction process for the Storm Eagle I wasn't over-fussed about dropping much cash on acquiring one only to have an utter ballache putting it together.

There was only one real solution...

Try and dismantle my Storm Raven and bodge it into a Storm Eagle!
The first challenge would be to dismantle it without damaging any of the parts...


I then set about lengthening the main hull and adding a few features to mimic the detailing on the Storm Eagle a bit more.

This is where I'm at as of Saturday evening. I did add a few more panels on the sides last night but not enough to bother photographing.

I'm pretty chuffed with how its looking so far, though there will be a couple more hurdles to overcome. The biggest of which being deciding what to use as the Vengeance Launcher missile pods. I want something big enough to look impressive, but not so large that it looks dumb.


  1. Have you considered some of the puppets war stuff? They have quite a few kits that might work.

  2. i did have a look, their missile pods do look cool, but theyre all cylindrical ones and id quite like to get as close as i can to the original square pods.
    Ive found quite a lot of pods so far that fit the bill looks wise but are intended to be terminator cyclone launchers so are way too small.
    Im considering just picking up the typhoon launchers from the land speeder kit and making do with that.

  3. ooh, think i've found the solution!

    use the now uneeded air intake construction that was on top of the raven behind the turret.