Sunday, 9 March 2014

Playing Kill Team at Dark Sphere

As you've no doubt seen from Mr P's live blogging from yesterday, we managed to get in on Darkspheres 1 day kill team tournament. Primarily to have a few games back to back of the format but also to check out their new venue.

My thoughts on the venue are that its a surprisingly large space for central london, the amount of product available to browse is good and theres plenty of tables to run even quite large events (or several small events at once)

As Dave mentioned, I fielded a team of 8 Dark Eldar Reavers, 2 of which were armed with heat lances for some low AP punch.

round 1 i faced off against a team consisting of Craftworld Eldar Windrider jetbikes accompanied by a small team of Shining Spears. The match up was not a good one for my opponent as although we both had the ability to move 48" a turn with each model, my guys could do so while bladevaning his models, so he either had to attempt to match my speed or attack me, he couldnt do both. The game ended with him having one guy left stuck in combat.
5-0 victory to me.

Round 2 i faced a white scars bike list. My opponent was very wary of my bladevane attack and spent a lot of the game hugging board edges so i couldnt line up a bladevane attack without leaving myself exposed afterwards, as it turned out though i managed to leverage my poison shots (and ignores cover heat lance guy) to pick off a few of his guys in quick succession forcing him to double down and hope for a narrow loss or go for it and maybe pinch it with some luck. He went for it and didnt get the luck.
5-2 victory to me.

round 3 i faced the eventual winner of the event who was fielding a mixed Necron team. Some warriors, immortals and a Wraith. This was the first non-objectives based mission of the day too. We had to kill each others leaders for 3 VPs, his leader was the wraith. Not good.
The game was quite a struggle and his wraith minced a lot of my guys but i did manage to take it down, the toll it had taken left me as ripe pickings for what he had left. I got wiped out but came away with a narrow 8-6 defeat.

Round 4 i faced a Space wolves list that really looked nice, top notch paint jobs. It was a guy on a wolf leading a squad of guys in a razorback. This was the mission where the attacker gets points for getting guys off the opposite board edge but cant turbo-boost. We had some confusion in the midway point when we found out this also meant that my bikes (as the attacker) also couldnt use their 2D6 assault moves. After some lucky saves, lucky shots and some awful drawn out combats that went on forever we both came away from the game with 4 points. A decent result considering the primary use of my entire team was nullified by the mission rules.

Round 5 i faced a footslogging battle sisters list in the mission where units have to control the 'high ground' in the centre of the table. We traded blows at first but the sisters were forced to trudge into the centre to go for the mission objective, which then meant i could bladevane them repeatedly until id wiped him out.
5-0 victory for me but not through any particular skill. It was just an awful matchup for him.

Round 6 and i faced another White Scars army, sadly i think my concentration had gone by this point and i kept making stupid decisions (as well as some proper duff rolls).
The thing in this game that was different to the other white scar game was that this guy let me bladevane him, which is too tempting as it gives me that 3+ cover save, but im only wounding him on 5's with bladevanes whereas if id just shot him im wounding on 4's. In hindsight the round 2 guy going out of his way to stop me bladevaning lost him the game as it forced me to shoot him.
Anyway. I got tonked 5-0 but the guy was a good laugh and i still enjoyed the game.

3 wins, 2 losses and a draw saw me finish around mid table (i think)
Happy with the result, had a thoroughly enjoyable 6 games and would definitely consider entering another one like this.

If i was to run Reavers again though, id run this:

6 Reaver Jetbikes
Arena Champion with Venom Blade (4 attacks on the charge wounding on 2's vs anything)
1 heat lance (ignore cover!!)
2 Cluster Caltrops
The bladevanes were big game a lot of the time yesterday, even at D3 ST4 hits per bike. If i had 2 bikes that did D6 ST6 hits each from the caltrops, then that seems worth losing a couple of bodies.

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