Saturday, 22 March 2014

Going big...then going home

Played a 4500 point heresy game vs Tom last night (with some proxying to get us up to that points level).
My Emperors Children vs Iron warriors and some Legio Cybernetica.

Which meant I got to give Fulgrim his first run out.

I'll dump the photos after the jump...

 My casualties before my first turn. Sad panda.

Cataphractiis begone!

 Fulgrim battles the fearsome Castellax..

 ..and comes out on top...

..until the proxy knight paladin gets involved and squashes him in one hit :(


  1. Very cool!
    Aside from death via D weapon how did you find Fulgrim?

    1. I was suitably impressed. I dont think T7 multi wound monstrous creatures are his bread and butter, but he killed 2 without taking a wound before the knight got involved.
      I think i need him in something a bit more mobile than a land raider to throw him at something a bit more suited to his talents (ive settled on a Kharibdys assault claw).

    2. It seems as though Heresy fits nicely between standard 40k and Apoc' as the idea of playing a 4500 point game is quite daunting but you guys didn't seem to be swamped in models.

    3. I think that table was slightly cramped, maybe if we'd upped the size of the table slightly that might've helped. A lot of the turn one pie-plates still hit even when the scattered wildly. But having said all that, I do still think it flowed pretty quick.