Monday, 31 March 2014

Mulling over changes at GW HQ!

When we were visiting Warhammer World for our Doubles event in February we noticed that some of the GW bosses were taking a tour with some architects and wondered what it could hold for the future of the venue. Looks like the cats out of the bag!

So thanks to those darn planning regulations it turns out people have to actually apply to the council to make huge changes to buildings and not even our favourite plastic dealers are exempt!
Minimalist chic or soulless selling space? 

Much more professional looking entrance 
Anyone notice that the space marine seems to follow you as you move around the car park?
I can understand why GW are updating their gaming and retail space as I'd always wondered what was behind that faux glass window and how they could improve the use of the retail area. Have to say it will be a real improvement to have a dedicated Forgeworld area rather than having to order it and pick it up later/the next day. My only concern will be if it loses the fantasy castle feel that has made it such an enjoyable environment to play in. Having played at Tabletop Nation and the new Dark Sphere store I can say that they don't inspire a sense of fun and creativity the way playing in a castle does! (Yeah I know it's not real).

So my question for the day is what changes would you like to see at Warhammer World? I'm thinking touch screen technology for ordering drinks at the table or browsing samples of digital products or 360 degree images of models (ok it's not realistic but I can dream). I wonder how it will affect the running of the gaming space during construction?

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  1. Saw these shots a while back on the 'seer. It does look like an improvement.
    I think it would be nice if the 'miniatures hall' became a lot more of a 'miniatures hall' and less of a 'miniatures room'.
    It doesnt look on those pics like they plan to do away with the castle theme for the gaming hall, but it would be quite cool if they updated it to have a grimdark gothic 40k theme instead.