Monday, 3 March 2014

Mulling over Monday musings.

Rich taking over Thursdays I have decided to take in Mondays. So what will it be this week? With the rumours of Fantasy 9th Edition only a few months away I decided to start putting to gather my Mantic Ogres.

Not a full review but a quick musing. The first think I noticed was that the plastic is a lot harder than GW plastic and therefore makes removing the mould lines a lot harder. It also mens you can't use Plastic cement (a serious flaw for me as using super glue means that the joints are brittle, increasing the chances of the model breaking in future). 

As far as the model design I really like the look of the models but I have a serious problem with the double-handed options.

No option for two hand weapons but the shields and swords fit perfectly.
The guns fit together (just) with a little fiddling. Some gaps but it shouldn't take much filling.
This option is so badly designed that the arms do not fit the body, they are too wide... wide I had to pin the whole thing together and this is how much of a gap that was still left!
As you can see from the photos above there is a serious design flaw with the double-handed weapons. I've tried each weapon on each of the bodies and there is no combination that works. It really is such a great shame as I was really excited about putting these models together and it's looking like it's going to be a lot more complex than expected. It reminded me of trying to put together the old GW metals.

So hear's this Monday's Musing - How awkward does a model have to be to put together before you give up? Have we been spoiled by the quality of the recent GW products that we no expect everything to be super simple to put together?

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  1. Wow, that gap is truly cavernous. Thats a real shame.
    On the one hand it say its fortunate at least that you havent got 100 or so of these guys, but i suppose if you did you could probably get away with bodging it for the rank and file with a quick fix.

    I've never given up on a model yet, i have had to take a break one or two times though. Most of the models that give me horror flashbacks are metal ones, its been quite some time since i've struggled with any kits to be honest. As you say, the high quality of the plastic kits these days makes putting stuff together an absolute breeze.

    I think the only one that comes to mind was when i built ants stompa last year, there were one or two stages where the instructions were a little difficult to follow and it wasnt obvious what was supposed to be going where (it probably doesnt help that im not used to the ork aesthetic) But i still got it finished in a few hours spread over a couple of evenings.