Monday, 17 March 2014

Mulling over nerd herding!

So a quick post today as I have been very busy catching up with real life this weekend and (almost) forgot it was Monday!

How many games is too many? I started typing this out as an open letter about Descent but I've decided to instead tackle the real issue behind by frustration witj Journeys into the Dark.

We as gamers are collectors as much as players so how can we judge whrn we have hit the sweet spot with our collections and when we have gone too far?

I say this because when I find it hard to get out some quality games I start to wonder if I have too many? When was the last time we played Battlestar? What games do you have that you really want yo play more of but seem to keep leaving in the cupboard?

Or are we just too spread out/busy to be able play regularly and therefore knock out a variety of games?


  1. Ooh, interesting one. I had considered something similar for one of my thursday ramble topics. But as someone whos flittered about between a few different armies, moving them on when i got to a stage where i decided i was 'done' with them, it was a bit more centered on 'when is an army finished' rather than looking at games collections as a whole.

    Anyway, I suppose the boring answer its its probably a bit of everything you suggested.

    I know from a personal point of view ive got the following games i 'own' currently on my 'really want to play' list:
    40K (including kill team and 30k along with 'normal' games)

    Given ill be able to get 1 maybe 2 gaming sessions in a regular fortnight thats not really enough time to give all of those a fair crack of the whip, let alone the board games other folks have got that i would like to play.
    The monthly gaming evenings did seem to work for a while as i was able to say in advance 'right, that night is when im gaming so i can put other stuff aside for any of the other evenings/weekends that month'.
    Maybe its worth trying to get a broad 'ELF seasonal calender' going? Try and prioritise certain games or types of games for maybe a 2 month or 3 month or quarterly period?

    1. oh, forgot to include 'infinity' on that list too.
      Ugh. that makes it an even longer list.
      Thats depressing.

    2. As i've not even properly learned the rules yet i might need to shit or get off the pot with that game. Metaphorically speaking.

  2. I would play battletech all day, everyday. Anyone want to :(

  3. Another reason I thought of the topic was that I was rummaging around my games cupboard and realised I had more games that hadn't been played in over a year than not! I think getting back into a monthly gamesday may help to get more of the old ones off the shelf.

  4. Well, youve at least inspired me to make a decision on my infinity stuff, im gonna try and move it on to a loving home and clear some storage space.
    i think its about a year since i first tried it, played 4 or 5 games in the first fortnight and havent played again since. Probably best to call time.

    1. So now I'm a game killer! I have to admit that Infinity seemes a little too deep to be able to dip in and out of. Though you're a better man than me as making space for new games is very tricky, I just can't let go of the feeling that I lost out on money somewhere (Will is very good at disabusing of this notion!).

    2. better to get some back than leave it rotting in your cupboard :)

      I do think part of the killer for me was the terrain. when we were getting into it TT had built 2 awesome new tables using the microarts hdf terrain which was a joy to play on, but they took it all 'upstairs' to do filming for the BoW mercs week and it never came back.
      To play at home id have needed to invest probably twice as much in my terrain as i had on my armies to get terrain of similar quality that wed got used to playing on.