Saturday, 30 May 2015

Deadzone and Rebs thoughts

So, after my games with Dave I decided to research more into Rebs tactics. What was I doing wrong? Dave did suggest my tactics were too conservative in the first game as I kept my Teraton back and I didn't position myself well enough to break out through his board edge, I agreed. The problem I had/have with the game is suppression just as Dave said. I wanted my troops to be as far up the table as possible, however that may mean putting more than one model in a cube. This can lead to both getting suppressed very quickly and you are then on the back foot. Another issue as Dave mentioned was command actions and cards. If you are the first player and you have a high command stat you have such an advantage over your opponent. Dave was able to cause key players in my force to activate with the use of command cards and orders! That mean they were done for that turn and I couldn't use them at all. Activate your opponents commander and they are done, no command actions to help and no way to counter it. I really think there should be a battle card that counters a distract (activate an opponents model). Also, if you are second in the initiative order a distract card is nearly completely useless as your opponent has already activated all of their models. Thoughts on Rebs as a faction: 1. Only one commander that has potential and is a lovely model but that is all they have. 2. Next command level model is the Yindij Sargent, 11pts and too fragile to want unless you just want to save points by not taking a commander. 3. Suppressive models. The Rebs are amazing at suppressing the opponent with their spotters and weight of fire. However, Grogans (onslaught cannon) and Soraks have no secondary weapon like a pistol. In my second game with Dave I managed to rampage his stage 2's which meant that their aggression levels could not change therefore no more ability to suppress them. I then was unable to hurt them. On one Blog however I did read that I should then bunch people in the same cube and use their help to increase your dice rolled for shot actions. Aim would have helped too. 4. Rebs missions - I can see Jake Thornton's reasoning behind how he wrote their mission cards but some are not balanced well at all. Infiltrate is a great mission for Rebs (get your players off of the the opponet's board edge) as long as you have the long thin deployment. If you have the corner deployment it is so hard as your opponent's forces are very concentrated. I also think that the points for scour or kill things should be higher for Rebs as they struggle to do it in the first place. Dave's Forge Fathers have a scour mission that gives him 3 points per item!! Rebs get 1 point. Where's the balance? Overall I really have enjoyed the games and playing them with Dave. I still think I can make the Rebs work and it may just be the luck of the mission draw etc. I was telling Dave that I like to take balanced forces that could cope with any mission so I will work on this more. I have read around other Blogs and Forums and Rebs do seem to be the worst/hardest faction to use in the game which is a shame as they have real potential. We were talking about the latest Mantic Kickstarter and how it will be a version 2 of the rules and maybe it will sort some bits out. Mantic may need to bite the bullet and just release a new Rebs deck that fixes some of the issues.

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