Saturday, 30 May 2015

Update on the card idea.

So with a few hours to kill before the Rugby Union Premiership Final I thought I would mock up a sample card (not final art work to explain the type of design and use I thought I could get out of the decks.

First up the card design:
Each deck would have a different back design in colour or logo but this is draft one with a very boring background.
This is an example of the deployment card design V1, it is surprising how hard it is to fit text onto a Magic sized card
The idea is that you would have the following decks:
- Deployment
- Missions (which tells you who deploys first etc)
- Battlefield conditions (all those crazy extra bits like terrain on fire or Warp rifts etc)

You would then be able to either randomise or choose from any of the cards to create your game. What I was trying to work out was how I could create a deck of cards that could do this without being specific to one game but allowed me to use it across any system. Deployment isn't too bad, but the missions and conditions needs to be worded in such a way as to not be specific to one system yet not so vague you have to make rules up on the fly.

One example would be the Lurker battlefield condition (an old favourite of Will's) where each player takes a model each to represent a lurker in the shadows and writes down which terrain piece they want it to be hiding in. When an opponent moves into that terrain it is attacked by the model. The problem comes in that unless it is specific about the stats of the it becomes too vague. 

I'll start making some notes on my ideas as they come to me but I was wondering if the idea had merit or if I had gone off on a tangent again.