Monday, 18 May 2015

Getting feedback on an idea.

I know that I don't often encourage dsicussion on posts and that is mainly due to the fact that email is quicker but as it is too easy to only send a response to one person and miss out on sharing ideas I'm going to slap this up here. The question is: if you could have a custom set of cards for your Miniatures wargames would you rather have some useful generic set up and mission cards or would you prefer more sets with each one tailored for each game but will cost more?

To add a bit more detail, I have been inspired by the decks in Deadzone to go back to my old idea of creating a resource to collect the different army set up options and mission objectives but without the BS randomness of the 40k Tactical objectives. I have found a few companies that do it and wanted to get some ideas from others before I jump in and get designing. My first concept was to have just the set up diagrams and names of the missions so that it wouldn't matter what the game systems scoring mechanic was you still knew what you needed to do. The problem is that if you make them specfic to a system you can make more interesting. Any ideas?


  1. Apologies for being dumb, but i think i need to get a bit more detail.
    Am i right in thinking youre looking at a deck of cards with the table set up and mission objectives on to be drawn at random before the game?

  2. Ditto, not sure what this is going to look like?

    1. I have put up a new post to better explain what I was aiming for (I hope!).